Day 82 & 83

Our Grapevine

23/100 complete.

Yesterday was a peaceful day. Masters 3 & 1 both had long sleeps and that meant in between making meatloaf and ‘Spicy Peach Chutney’ I was able to ‘sit and be’ for a bit.

My Little Men

I have only 13 recipes to go. For 2 of them I need to borrow a waffle maker so I suppose I need to make some efforts to do that.

Today I completed Challenge 16- to make relish/chutney and give it away to someone with gray hair. So I gave it to my lovely and deserving Step-Dad.

I also made baby gift for new baby girl – little hat from t.shirt I loved but had seen/smelt better days!

Baby Girl Hat

Little Hat

Masters 3 & 1 also had some fun with chalk on the ground outside. There is a lot to be said for a large box of jumbo chalk when you are little. Especially as Master 3 had great fun creating a ‘running racer’ to speed along.

Chalk Time




Head Start


We got the puppets out this afternoon too. Most are homemade and even when it’s a sock from the washing pile you can have a lot of fun playing hide and seek. Especially good when you sit on the couch and hide your arm beside you!

Snake Puppet Eats Egg!

I should alos note we do spend a lot of each day sans trousers! But not usually in pjs.

I want these eyelashes!

Apart from that I am planning in earnest for my Easter Dinner on Saturday evening and anticipating a crafty Saturday afternoon with like-minded types in Christchurch.

I had a nice evening out with gorgeous man/husband seeing a short film in which I was a very quick extra – officially ‘lead mourner’. So I finish today with a happy and contented ….sigh.


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