Day 84

23/100 complete

I’ve been musing table settings for the Easter dinner today. Normally I’m one of those people who dreams of amazing table settings and finishes last-minute with a partially clean table-cloth and on the odd occasion some serviettes I found in the back of the pantry! So at least the leap will be huge however it goes.

Tonight I have a little sewing to do for myself. I have a birthday gift and a you are special gift I want to get done too but as I’m felting those I can work on them during project runway.

The sewing for me is going to be one of those impossibly easy tops to sew that you can just wear anywhere and feel comfortable. I’m using the fabric I got from spotlight the other day – on sale.

Here it is the 15-20 minute top, which is all it takes from cutting out to trying to take photos of yourself wearing it using the self-timer mode on your camera! In real life it’s less blurry!

I saw this Mark Twain quote today and I liked it – Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.


4 responses

  1. wow that is a beautiful top!! Well done!! I must say you are looking very slim too, but where has your head gone??? haha

  2. I love the top, do you think I could make it?? also did you remember that you are bringing your felting to demonstrate tomorrow? I have people coming just to see you do that (no pressure) lol.
    Can’t wait till tomorrow, love to hang out with like-minded crafty types and drink coffee, isn’t it the best??
    deb xx

  3. Bec- unfortunately my head droppped off because it got too big after all the lovely compliments!

    Deb – got it in hand totally remembered. You know, or you will know!, I thrive when I have an audience! And yes you could make the top. If you can sew a straight line and zigzag you too can make one!

  4. beautiful top – looks lovely on – well done!

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