Day 89

25/100 complete

Today was all about the kitchen. It was a bit hotter than I’d like but a perfect day to make my first ever batch of Hot Cross Buns!!!! From Sophie’s second book. I felt very impressed with myself. Masters 3 & 1 did a good job of making a dent in them.

My Hot Cross Buns

Feed Me Those!

I also used one of my new books – a gift this year for my journey to make Lemon Zest Shortbread – which was well received at Sign Language class.




Master 3 also brought in this incredible flower from the garden. I was a bit worried it was some mutation from the compost heap but husband thinks it is from the neighbours passion fruit vine that is growing over the fence. I am so amazed with it. Who would have thought an ugly (though tasty!) passionfruit grows from such an exquisite flower?

So Unusual


The Creator Does it Again


I must say too thanks for visiting and for the comments. I love getting them!


7 responses

  1. Those flowers and buns look beautiful!

  2. The buns are ‘rustic’ looking but I feel that’s appropriate for Easter buns, made with love!

  3. WOW WOW WOW to the hotcross buns & the flower! Amazing!! x x x

  4. Amazing aye!!! Maybe I should have shown more interest in science.

  5. Love the new look… your photos are coming up heaps bigger now and look great! I love the pictures of the geranium

  6. I will have you know that I have a recipe in my recipe book typed by you for Hot Cross Buns saying you won the Kaka Street Special School Bake-off with it!!!!! Was that just an enticement (false advertising?) for me to make them, or have you forgotten your earlier exploits? It was a great recipe btw 🙂

  7. No – I typed it but it was Da’s recipe. He won the Kaka St bake off with the recipe but he was too lazy to type it out so I did it because I am wonderful and I love you both.

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