Day 90

25/100 complete

And another new look. I am sad to farewell the buttons so you never know when I’ll change back but hopefully this layout is easier for you to read and navigate around. Debbie let me know if the photos are still a problem!

In Our Garden

Today we started with noisy and machinery heavy workmen on the road – very exciting.

Watching the Workmen

Then it was a muffin making day – first lemon and apple and then double chocolate mini-muffins for our last day at Playcentre tomorrow!

Chocolate Muffins

I have some cutting out to do tonight and hopefully I’ll get a chance before the weekend to purchase some new felting needles as I have now broken 2!

Master 3 and Husband are in the throes of planning a camping trip to take place one night during Easter. Very exciting, especially as I’m not the one who will be sleeping in a tent.

Master 3 in the Garden

Master 3 and I discovered a grasshopper today outside and he was FASCINATED. He watched and guarded it very carefully. Master 1s interest was a little rougher than we deemed appropriate. All was wonderful until he raced slowly into the house bent over. The grasshopper had leapt into his hair. We skillfully got the grasshopper onto something else and took it out to the grapevine.

Today has been about the joy of family.

2/3 of My Lovelies

Even when they are covered in mud.

Glorious Mud

Especially when they are clean, in their pjs and playing Hungry Hippos together – Bliss

3 Hungry Hippos


3 responses

  1. The girls love playing Hungry Hippos. My favourite time of the day, after the bath, Pj’s on and then suddenly they play really nicely and quietly!

  2. Very nice. I must say I like this new layout better. (incase you needed my opinion 🙂

  3. Nothing like peaceful children and positive feedback!!

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