Day 91

25/100 complete

Tonight it is all about getting some gifts sorted.

Master 3 has a 3 year-old birthday party on Saturday and I am continuing with my handmade expectation. I have decided to make a music and movement pack. So I have made a drum/shaker from an old golden syrup tin, a poi, and a rainbow streamer from an ice-cream container lid. I’ve also made a bag to pack it all in. To go with that I have purchased a drum stick, castanet and samba whistle. I went to a really nice shop but they didn’t have any of it in wood, sigh, so I had to get plastic ones.

Music Kit

I have also made a top for a lovely friend, based on the 20 minute top I made last week.

Red Satin Top

As well as this crafting I have bought 3 new felting needles after snapping 2 recently AND today I was given a very generous book voucher for fishpond books!! Exciting! So I might just spend a bit of time browsing what to buy. Mmmmmm


5 responses

  1. Hi there – great gift idea – Have you tried the Spindle Wood shop. It stocks wooden toys for children – It is fantastic. It has a website – just google it and I think it is over Beckenham way somewhere.
    I have a bag heading your way after a stint at tidying- but I think there is more I can put in it and we are off away on holiday tomorrow so wont catch up until second week of the holidays. hugs Annette

  2. Look forward to having a lovely catch-up!

  3. SIGH… i’m sorry that i am a compulsive commenter but you are just so creative and so amazing!!! WOW. Have a lovely easter & birthday for Master 3!! x x x

  4. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    love the mover shaker.
    I’ll see you at the party if its Issacs one 😉

  5. Never apologise for commenting. You’ve no idea how excited I get when people comment on my blog! It makes me feel very precious!!! It is a birthday party for someone else he is going to – my writing is a bit confusing at the best of times!!! Happy Easter to you and all your lovely bundles! xxxx

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