Day 93 – a few things that make me smile

25/100 complete

Tonight I wanted to stop and smile and appreciate the little things that make me smile.

There are lots of big things – family, love, crafting.. that make me smile but everyday there are little things to make me smile too. Here are some at my place. Have a look and see what makes you smile around your house.

Hot chocolate at the lovely Jo Seager’s cafe in Oxford. I love it. I love the way it looks and tastes.

Hot Chocolate

Small people in big hats. Especially when they are my small people and they are peaking up over a table.

Floppy Hat

My potato peeler. I love, love my potato peeler. I don’t like peeling veges but I love the colour and how it makes me feel about a boring chore!

My Happy Potato Peeler

Easter eggs in shiny foil. Pretty, yummy, happy.

Easter Eggs

My oven mit. This hangs in my kitchen and was given to me by my lovely Mother in law. It is from Peru made by people who have been forced to live in dumps as their homes in the bush have disappeared. Nuns have been helping them to sell hand-crafts to provide them with a living. I adore the applique on this oven mit, and I love the love and care of the nuns who have helped these people.

I love that even thinking about these people and the nuns helping them makes me cry. I love the goodness and kindness that is in the world every moment of every day and I want to hold onto that and never become cynical about the goodness in others. I love this so much it is one of the most precious pieces of ‘art’ in my home. You see creativity + love = a better world.

My Lovely Oven Mit


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