Day 95

25/100 complete

Today we were on a mission to buy hot water bottles. The ones we had last winter are no-where to be found. So today we purchased 4 and this mama proceeded to make hottie covers from 4 felted jerseys.

The Hottie Covers

Each has initials on them or in the case of Master 3 his initials and the number 11. One has dad written on it.

The Backs

I am pleased with them. There is something so good about snuggling up with a hot bottle that cannot be replicated by an electric blanket. It is a quintessential winter experience.

Masters 3 & 1 also had some fun running around and I caught this classic of them tonight.

Boy + Boy = Action!

Master 1 did some dancing to the Bee Gees.


Master 3 used my knitting needle gauge (which has never been used!) as a ‘ticket’.

'Just Check Your Ticket In Here'

Other than that I bought ‘Julie and Julia’ on DVD today so I will watch that with Husband this evening. He is yet to see it. I love it!

After a shopping trip with my sister I am also excited about the ideas I have for sewing some new things for my autumn wardrobe…fun, fun, fun!


3 responses

  1. Very stylish hottie covers. They are very individual and look cosy to take to bed.
    Love the photos of Masters 3 & 1.What a clever Mummy!

  2. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    I hope to see Julie and Julia at a friends place this coming Friday. I hope I can go and Simon isn’t working.

    Hey, you are also invited to my Journal making class… check out my blog… 8 spaces available and 5 are taken already… on first friday of May.

    great hottie covers…. I was thinking of making some myself out of polarfleece fabric. Just so the kiddos don’t undo them when they cuddle into them at night.

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