Day 96 & 97

26/100 complete

Mama's Model

Last night I completed Challenge 36 – to write a letter to myself from me when I am 70. I think my 70 year old self had some words of wisdom for me the main message was to laugh a lot and not take my beautiful life for granted any minute. I also like this part of her letter which I shall reproduce for you – ‘You are never going to be younger, less wrinkly, more attractive or probably even slimmer than you are today so live today like you are totally gorgeous. Appreciate how lovely you are NOW.’ Don’t you think I get wise with age??

Last night I went to a concert as part of the Jazz festival which was a tribute to Eva Cassidy. Her story fits very much in with my charity quilt story and I was allowed to sell my quilt tickets as part of it. As a result things have gone from strength to strength in the raffle department. In about 1-2 weeks the raffle will close and I will give you the grand total!

Yesterday Master 3 and I had some fun using some of the Easter egg wrappers. He made a gorgeous butterfly collage.


Today I got this photo of him in a home-knit (not by me, that’s one of the many reasons God gave us grandparents!) Is there anything more cute than a child wearing something knitted on a cold day?

Home-Knit loving

Today has been a lovely, treat-y day for me. The first of my orders from my book voucher arrived. Actually a DVD – ‘Saving Grace’. An English comedy I find particularly hilarious.

My Lovely Master 3

Then I was given the Jo Seagar cook school recipe book. I already have my eye on a caramel oat cake that looks very decadent.

I was sent a newspaper article about crafty mamas and ladies – inspiring.

AND my fellow Mama and I were in the local free newspaper!!! How exciting. Our 100 challenges have hit the press. Are you impressed?

Almost Famous!

Tonight I sew, gifts to make.


4 responses

  1. Well, well well, What a surprise to see my georgeous grandson in his knitted jacket! He looks very cute and warm!

    Great job that you are in the paper too. You are a star even when you are 70.

    Love you. x

  2. Why thank you!! Love you too x

  3. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    congrats!!! that is way cool that you made it to the press! How on earth did you do that one?

  4. A friend read my blog and his wife asked if she could write an article about us… Cool huh?

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