Day 98 & 99

26/100 complete

I managed to complete the gifts last night but cannot reveal until they have been given. Here is a photo of the fabric I used though. Like it!


Here is another home knit photo. This time little Master 1; Working the catwalk. I love the arrival of autumn and winter. Being a girl who has a particular love of jackets and coats these seasons are the best for dressing.

Master 1

Today I also tried the first recipe from my new recipe book. White Chocolate and Caramel Oat Cake. I changed the white chocolate. I have no respect for white chocolate. I am a dark first, milk second, white never kind of mama.

The Caramel Cake

This is the kind of cake that may give you a health scare while you eat it but I had just a slither (it would have been rude not to) and sent the rest off with Husband to a boys night.

The Caramel Centre

It tastes fantastic all gooey and caramel-y. The kind of cake I’d go back to a cafe just to have it again.


Tonight I’m preparing to do one of my favourite things – talk. Tomorrow and Sunday I am MC’ing for the local Jazz and Blues festival. Whilst in many ways this is my dream job it’s still a nerve-inducing process. Like most performing once I’m in it I LOVE it. Before hand I just wonder what I was thinking when I said yes.

Still I have at least one outfit planned. Nothing like a good outfit to make a girl feel ready.


2 responses

  1. Wow, that cake looks great! And I totally agree with your chocolate rankings.

  2. It was well worth the eating. I’ll make it for you guys some time. 🙂

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