Day 102

27/100 complete

Tree and Sky

Today has been a lovely day of catching up with special friends I haven’t spoken to for far too long!

Masters 3 & 1 and I made muffins this morning with left over mini eggs from Easter and took them out to see some friends (1 big, 1 small) who were just in town for a day. The boys played in the park and we talked. Evidence of cocoa still on Master 3’s face.

The Park

Autumn is on the way and Christchurch has a plentiful supply of amazing deciduous trees that turn the most wonderful colours. Summer seems to be dragging its heels or waiting to talk to Autumn because we have had gorgeous hot golden days with the slight chill of Autumn creeping in to the mornings and evenings. Lovely, lovely.

Sharing, Watching, Playing

Today I received some of the bounty of my book voucher. Bliss!! Excited Bliss!

New Books!

And this evening I have chatted to another amazing friend and knitted the start of what will be a scarf.

The Start of The Scarf

A lovely day. Including the 4pm spa at one of the Grandparents houses. x


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