Day 103

27/100 complete

Knitted Hat

The scarf is finished. Now I need to decide who it is for and then I have another challenge done.

Master 1 - Cute but Un-Impressed!

I also started work tonight on my first project from one of my new books. A sock elephant. Although I am using what I think might be leg warmers. I also had a look through my VERY sad sock draw. Which features pretty much no matching socks or socks that are matching but have holes in them. The only socks I have that match without holes are knee-length fun socks for running music group in or sport socks (these have not been used for a long, long time!)

Maybe I need to spend money on socks?? This seems like a very sad thing to spend money on when I could be spending money on fabric. The fact that I haven’t bought socks for at least 6 years (quite likely more) could be telling though….

The boys have been knitted matching – ish hats! Although these photos don’t show them at their best they do show case the new hats don’t you think?

My New Hat

3 responses

  1. Mark saw the “knitted hat” photo on this page and said “Woooooooooo STUD” those genes are really evident now. Well done.

  2. DO NOT BUY SOCKS. I agree. This is very boring. I will buy them for you. You know how much I like practicle things. Let me know if I’m too late, otherwise I’ll get some to you in the next bag. Then you get the excitment of a parcel too.

  3. Awesome! I haven’t bought any socks yet which just goes to show how – slack, cheap, disorganised (circle one!) I am. I love parcels too!! xx

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