Day 104

27/100 complete

Last night I finished the scarf. I like it. The wool went a bit random halfway through so once again imperfection.

Finished Scarf

Today I treasured these views. A little boy ‘reading’.

Shhh - I'm reading

A little boy reading with his daddy.

The truck book and Daddy

And a little boy ready for bed.

Ready for Bed

Master 3 gave me moments to treasure when he performed like an absolute angel at a pixi photo shoot. (Master 1 not so much). He also painted a gorgeous canvas this afternoon, and turned his little brother into a dirt monster.

Today I made crackers. I think my rolling-pin skills let me down as they are mostly more like very miniature breads or pitas. However it’s another recipe down and they taste good.

We had Aromatic Rice for dinner – also care of Sophie but not the first time I’ve made it this year.

Aromatic Rice

Tonight I am out to see a wonderful woman who inspires and encourages me. Yay.


2 responses

  1. Saw you in the paper today – you inspire me. Might have to go and buy Sophie Grays book. yum.

  2. If you could can you save the article for my other friend as she didn’t get one. I totally recommend Sophie’s books foodie but do-able. Let’s catch up soon x

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