Day 111

31/100 complete 

The raffle is drawn. I used a computer program to do the deed for me so I could maintain non-bias. 

Quilt, Quilt


Enter a number:

I want a number between 1 and… 



And this is the result. As you can see from the above I had 413 tickets sold and the final amount to be sent with a card is $707.70 I know a rather random figure but there were some donations too.
The raffle has far exceeded my hopes. When I set out I was hoping to make about $200-300 so I am more than thrilled that one small creative endeavour can generate so much good will among others.
I called the winner and tomorrow I will drop off the quilt. The winner was thrilled and assures me the quilt will be well-loved. The winner was one of the concert attendees so I am also super grateful to the singer who so generously allowed me to attend and sell tickets at her concert.
A happy result for all.

Goodbye Quilt


After all the excitement and money counting I now need to bank the money, write the card and post it off and deliver the quilt to its new home. Of course I’ll let you know of any response. So many thanks to all of you who bought tickets or encouraged my efforts.
Tonight I am going to have a bit of a go with some needle felting and make some plans for a new sewing project using my dress makers dummy.

Lovely Wool


Here are my current piles of wool that I use for felting. When it comes to colour I like colours that look edible and also any colour that looks like it could be in a peacock’s feathers.

For Felting



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