Day 112 & 113

31/100 complete

Hagley Park

Last night I spent about 2 and a half hours sorting out photos and putting them into albums. This is what happens when you don’t get your photos printed out for a year and then you get 589 pictures printed at once.

Master 1 received this delicious Elephant from Grandma in the mail yesterday too. So cute. I love, love homemade toys.

Grandma's Elephant

I also received my final book from the voucher a beginner’s needle felting book so I have high hopes for improvement in that area.

Today I had gorgeous autumnal moments watching my boys play in the park. I love that Christchurch is so full of amazing mature trees. I love watching the seasons change in such an obvious way.

Autumn Play

I made more home-made bread today – it always seems the right thing to do when the sun is shining and I plan to use some of it for French Toast tomorrow morning which will mean another recipe crossed off.

Autumn Fun

Tonight I am making a new outfit which I plan to wear to the heats of my 48 hour film competition tomorrow night – all going according to plan. I always love a reason to make a new outfit. This pile will hopefully turn in to a skirt with 2 layers featuring some applique and a ruched top. (I love that the spell check wanted to call it a ‘rushed’ top – also true!)

The Fabric Pile

Tomorrow I also have coffee, chatting and crafting at the Addington Coffee Co-op so if you’re a Christchurch crafty type feel free to come and join in.

Pinecone Trees, Autumn Sky

Off to get the dummy, sewing machine and bits out. Hello new clothes!

2 responses

  1. A tip: not that I am from Christchurch, but if I was, I would want to know exactly where and what time the group meets!

  2. I will remember this for next time 🙂

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