Day 116

31/100 complete

This week I am focussing on finding joy in the day-to-day. Today Master 1 has kept us entertained.

We have had the endlessly finding and exclaiming delightedly that he has a truck (several actually) on his PJs. We have had his amazing help with Master 3’s job of setting the table – Master 1 has realised he can reach the second draw, so every utensil was also added to the table. My favourite today was discovering a trigger-squirt bottle in the shower and repeatedly squirting himself in the face, most often the eye, with water.

You know you are parenting under 5s when you discover a shoe velcroed to your butt halfway through the afternoon!

Today I was also reminded how blessed my world is. I had a lovely friend to visit and she arrived with 2 bags of fabric, patterns for little people clothes, mixed media craft magazines, a home-made hoodie for Master 1 and cake! I was just excited about seeing her and then all this. Then we chatted craft and such for an hour or so….I love my friends.

Quality friendships are a high indicator of quality life in so many ways.

Tonight I am planning a birthday gift and also thinking about my next craft project.

No photos this week but hopefully we’ll be back up and running on Saturday.


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  1. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    great outfit… fab skirt!!!

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