Day 117

33/100 complete

Last night I completed Challenge 74 and Challenge 80. 4 times I have felt inspired to succeed and also 100 things I am grateful for.

The 4 things that inspired me to succeed were interestingly people actually telling me I was already doing something well rather than an inspirational pep-talk approach. For me when someone tells me I am already succeeding at something it makes me want to do an even better job to prove them right or exceed their expectation. It gives me a benchmark to try to beat. I don’t think ‘I think you can do better’ is a motivator for me. It sounds like disappointment and makes me less likely to try….maybe that’s just me but it was interesting to think about.

The 100 things I was grateful for was easy. I only allowed individual family members to be named everyone else was under the friend category otherwise I never would have got to have anything other than people in my 100. Lots of what this year has been about also featured like the challenges and what I have achieved in them.

Today I have a beautiful piece of fabric on my mind that I am really keen to make into a jacket/coat BUT it is the kind of fabric that could look awful in the wrong style. I need to proceed with caution… I don’t know if sewing caution is a strength for me…


5 responses

  1. You are a wonderful mother. I tell everyone else all the time. here’s telling you!

    You have 2 adorable boys.

  2. Thanks!!!! You know how I love kind words! 🙂

  3. You don’t know me – I live in Nelson….BUT BUT BUT my sister Sarah Leonard lives in Christchurch and she sent the link to your blog a few months ago and I love looking at it…!! keep it all up. Loving all your craft and the baking – esp the pictures of that nice caramel slice you made a few weeks ago. Loving the felting and want to try it too….Best wishes!!!

  4. Hi!! Lovely to know you are enjoying it. 🙂 I promise to take some more yummy baking pics when I have my camera back! From what I remember you are a pretty creative lady yourself. Thanks for your lovely words! x

  5. Your spiritual life is an inspiration and role model to me.

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