Day 119

34/100 complete

Last night as I lay in bed pondering on my pea-green cape to me a thought occurred. I have these from time to time when I stop and think for more than 5 minutes. I love capes, capes are very fashionable at the moment, a belted cape would be practical even with 2 small children BUT a cape is not a good idea for me.

You see – as my Aunt so aptly put it once, I have been blessed with ‘Taranaki Shoulders’. These are the kind of shoulders you would want on your side if you were in a rugby scrum. (This is the only time I will use a sports illustration – rest assured!) Whilst I am a lovely specimen of a woman my body shape is a lot bigger at the top than elsewhere. In terms of dressing for your figure large shoulders and high neck lines are a crime on my figure.  

So with great maturity and something of a sigh I will retire the pea-green cape for another yet undiscovered choice.

Today Master 1 has lived with great grief. After insisting he took Green Cat (his favourite toy) into the shower last night I secretly put him through the wash. Today he was spotted hanging by his tail from the washing line. This caused major consternation to said Master who desperately wanted him and had to be distracted several times while GC dried. All was put back to rights this afternoon. Being 1 can be tough sometimes.

Today I have had the urge to make horses and giraffes and attach the limbs using buttons. I have great visions for this and it will hopefully be a welcome distraction from the pea-green cape disappointment. Off to create a pattern.


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