Day 120 & 121

34/100 complete 

Master 3 Masterpiece

Today we made ‘Welcome Home Daddy’ biscuits. Daddy has been away for a week and he has been MISSED! Still he is back and he brought us presents! 

Welcome Home Daddy!

Mine is a designer ring made from a parking sign that caused the artist fines, despite the fact it couldn’t be seen. After contesting his ticket and not winning he made jewelry from the sign. I love it. It is a good thing to have a husband with good taste! 

My New Ring


The ring is huge. A conversation piece as all good rings are. 

Lovely, Lovely!

As well as this I had a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday. GORGEOUS quilting fabric from London’s V&A museum. My darling friend Debbie (think the Cath Kidston fabric from earlier in the year) sent it to me. The fabric is a design based on a coverlet from 1840. Such a treat. 

My New Fabric


We purchased some stuffing the other day at the fabric shop and Master 3 selected these buttons to add to our collection. 

More Buttons


I have also sewed together my first giraffe using the fabric from my Great Aunt. I made up the pattern and I am pleased with the final result. I quite like his attitude. I might get a horse done tonight too in between chatting to lovely husband. 

My Giraffe

After this week I have to say – maximum respect – to all solo parents out there. I learnt a lot about my character weaknesses this week. Still we are here and happy and very glad to have our wonderful No.1 man home. 

Fabric Detail

4 responses

  1. That giraffe is super cute! Well done.

  2. I second that! Looking forward to seeing the horse.

  3. Thanks! I think I’ll make a little zoo and keep them all in readiness for present giving!

  4. I LOVE the giraffe. That is very very cute and I agree. That giraffe has attitude. It knows itself.

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