Day 122 and 123

34/100 complete

I quite liked typing ‘day 123’ it is a number I like!

When the autumn sun is low and the day is coming to a close and 2 little men need to burn some energy a hill and 2 ride on toys give the perfect answer.

Down We Go!


Fun for Master 1


Watch Me Roll


Fun for Master 3

What more could you ask for. Perhaps free, close by and creating quirky photos like this one should also be mentioned.

Why Aren't the Wheels Working?

The zoo is growing.


Horse complete.


And 2 giraffes.

Nearly an Armful

Tonight a friend is coming over to make us dinner. It is a good life. I will count my many blessings.


7 responses

  1. Your little zoo is fab – the horse is great. Your boys are very lucky….I started making my daughter a frog yesterday and it was a disaster as I fitted the wrong pieces together …grrrr…I will try again today as my daughter is very cross with me!!

  2. Oh No! As you can see mine are the simple 2 pieces only. I will check you out and see what you are up to on your blog too!!

  3. Great images and a lovely zoo

  4. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    loving the zoo!
    what a fab idea

  5. What a delightful premise for a blog….wonderful photos, and I love your zoo.

  6. You should go into business (or at least open a stall at a craft fair) selling your animals. They are BRILLIANT!

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