Day 124

34/100 complete

Tonight my thoughts are with those searching for their sister, daughter, friend… We all pray for a miracle.

I have completed another giraffe and do have 2 more cut out but my variety desires mean I’m all for a bit of a change on the sewing/crafting front.

Spotty Giraffe

I have decided how I want to use the cowboys Cath Kidston fabric my lovely friend Debbie sent me earlier in the year so if I get organised I will be into that as my next project. Until then I think I’ll do some easy needle felting to keep me entertained.

2 responses

  1. Hi there the giraffes are lovely – If you want a change but not from toys there was a really cute couple of dinosaur patterns in the patterns I gave you – will send pictures if I get the chance – I’ve been sick with flu – the kind you wish you had got a flu shot for : (

  2. Oh no! That is so un-fun. I hope things improve quickly. Hugs (((((((())))))))))

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