Day 125 & 126

34/100 complete

Today I had the urge to bake. I get these urges from time to time. I never feel the urge to clean or garden but there is something supremely satisfying about baking.

I baked all morning while Masters 3 and 1 played outside, played inside the pantry and examined its mechanisms, ‘washed dishes’, chased bubbles, Master 3 bumped his ‘noggin’ and prescribed himself a cooling eye mask to soothe it… Happy little men.


Master 1 decided towards the end of the morning – while I was feeling just a little smug about how lovely my children were and what a lot I had achieved – to crush and empty half a packet of Weetbix all over the lounge floor. This mama was too ungracious to take a photo at the time!

'Just Healing Up'

Tonight I said I would make a meal for one of husband’s work colleagues who has just had a baby. Meals for new families are the best thing ever in my experience. I have gone all out and done 3 courses – it is always nice to exceed expectations. So it is miniature chicken pies for a starter, beef and courgette lasagne and decadent chocolate cake for dessert.

The Meal

My kitchen today has been about kiwi icons – The Edmonds Cookbook, The lovely Sophie Gray, Alison Holst and Jo Seagar. These are all well-loved kiwi cooks or cookbooks.

The Chicken Pies

So I made ‘Orange Slice’ – ala – Alison Holst. Except mine is mandarin and lemon curd slice. I love, love this slice and I can’t believe I’ve never made it before. It’s always the first thing I eat at a morning tea spread, followed closely by anything that looks gooey and chocolatey – never the cheese and crackers! I had some lemon curd in the fridge I needed to use up and this seemed like the right place to use it.

‘Chocolate Cake’ care of Sophie Gray

The Cake

‘Coconut Rough’ from Jo Seagar’s Everyday Cookbook.

Coconut Rough and Pre-Cooked Cookies

And finally ‘Chocolate Chip Cookies’ from the Edmonds cookbook.

The Cookies

So the baking tins are well and truly STOCKED. Hopefully I will find some willing eaters to help me empty them again. Project Runway tonight and maybe a little felting, or maybe not.

One Of Everything

3 responses

  1. Yummy. I am wanting something sweet too. How sad you don’t live here although the weetbix all over the floor put me off.


  2. Reminds me of my youth and we would come home from school and Mum had had a baking day – lovely. Orange slice was a favourite – and rocky mellow, and station brownie – yum. I got Sophie Grays book sent to me today ala fishpond – I had a bonus $10 to spend so it was only $5!! plus post – bargain!! I am going to sit down tonight and pore over it – in the project runway ads of course. Just what this sick mama needs – a spot of home comfort medicine. Thanks once again for the inspiration

  3. Oh yes PR and a cook book. That has to be good therapy. x I might need to check out the recipes for rocky mellow and station brownie. They sound GOOD!

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