Day 127

35/100 complete

I did do a very little bit of felting last night.

Tonight I am watching America’s Next Top Model – which always makes me want to eat chocolate – perhaps it is because I want to have something they obviously can’t! Then Trinny and Susannah Dress the Nation – which makes me want to make clothes. So it’s about as shallow as an evening can get.

However I have completed Challenge 96 – to buy a song off iTunes and sing along. I bought Tuck and Patti’s song ‘Takes My Breath Away’. It is a love song which I think is super lovely. Almost right up there with the song my sister wrote for my wedding.  I include some of the lyrics here for your enjoyment. For $1.79 I think it is money well spent. This is a song that makes you think about the amazing gift we are given when we find someone to love who chooses to love us back regardless of our shortcomings.

You watch my love grow like a child, 
Sometimes gentle and sometimes wild. 
Sometimes you just take my breath away. 

So much more than creative endeavour and expression – love changes us, love changes the world. Love is the very, very best of what we can give to the world and its effects are eternal.

Go love; it is what the world needs more than any other thing we can offer it. I recommend to start with someone you know!

4 responses

  1. I did the same thing! Those models made me feel so old – and so much wiser and mature !
    Love the lyrics to your song – I made an anonymous gift for a Mother’s day gift today for a special Mother I know – does that count as a challenge – Was really sneaky and put it in her child’s bag at school when no one was around. Even though I am sick at the moment she is a lot sicker than me fighting the Big C –
    I agree Go Love and count your blessings… xx00

  2. Well done wise girl.

  3. Yep I drop in from time to time to check out what you are up to. I’m always amazed at how much you seem to fit into life. Good on you. I like the post about Tuck and Pattie. One of my favourite songs too. Brings back memories of when we went to their concert in Palmy. That seems a while ago. Keep having fun!

  4. Yes that was an awesome night. Thanks for reminding me and also for popping by!

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