Day 128

35/100 complete

Aoraki, Mt Cook

Tonight we had ‘Plymouth Pie’ which is another one from Sophie but from her 3rd book. It makes a big pie – too big for us in one setting, but I like that. It is nice to make a pie including the pastry it feels like something rustic and special even though it is really very simple. I like the way it looks. I like its depth.

Plymouth Pie

Today I went shopping to get the fabric to make Master 1’s quilt. I may have also found myself a couple of Mother’s Day treats! I finally went into the store ‘Bolt of Cloth’. Ohhh, it’s nice. I could see myself parting with a lot of money there. For today I picked up a couple of little snippets of loveliness which will one day be a quilt for our grown up bed.

Unfortunately it means I have to wash the fabric. I hate pre-washing it is SO boring…. Actually I confess I hardly ever do it but with very lovely, 100% cotton it really would be foolish not to.

I also saw a new and VERY exciting idea which I plan to carry out imminently. I will not spoil it by telling you before it happens but it is, hopefully, going to be awesome! Interested????

I leave tonight as I started with a photograph my lovely husband took from the plane on the way home last week. NZ’s beautiful Aoraki, Mt Cook. Sometimes it is important to remember that when we are faced with a mountain the view from the top may well be breath-taking when we arrive.

From the Air

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