Day 129

35/100 complete 

Today has been Mother’s Day here and I have had a lovely day which included a sleep-in, a pancake breakfast with my lovely mama, an e-card from my awesome mother in law, a card from my little men and lots of friends new and old to cherish. These are the kind of days that are important for the soul. 

Tonight I finished a little trio of fleecie Russian Dolls. I have always loved Russian dolls and when I saw these in a book I was so taken with them. Here is my version. 

Fleecie Russian Dolls


I love the fact that the smallest one looks the most ready for mischief! 

Today I also got ‘Material Obsession’ which is a gorgeous book of stunning inspiring quilts. Mmmmm


4 responses

  1. Hi. Love the russian dolls they are really sweet….. I like the big one best, she looks very contented. Hope you’re enjoying looking through Material Obsession….there’s some great projects in there.

  2. Love your comment about triangles and hexagons in quilting – I am the same – squares and rectangles are the way to go! I have just finished a quilt done in batik fabrics – oh – and likewise stippling quilts is the easy option too! have a creative day 🙂

  3. Yes Material Obsession is VERY inspiring.
    Elizabeth your quilt sounds very cool. I’m glad to know I’m not the only ‘lazy’ quilter out there!

  4. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    the russian dolls are so cute…. mmmmm ideas a flowing

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