Don’t you love it when…

36/100 complete

Today I completed Challenge 98–  to have my mobile phone off for a whole day and night. This wasn’t really that tricky although I did pick it up to check it a couple of times during the day! Usually my phone is out of batteries, out of money or both so it’s not the most reliable means of contacting me at the best of times.

Anyway back to the title ‘don’t you love it when’… I have taken a deep breath and departed from numbering each day!

Don’t you love it when the weather report is WRONG! and you decided to hang out yesterday’s partially dry washing even though it was supposed to get cloudy and rain. Then you took a risk and did another load of washing and then you went all out and washed your new vintage sheets AND IT WAS SUNNY!

The Washing Line

Yes! I also love it when I head off to the shops to buy new pens – I have no idea where the vortex is that ours are getting sucked into – and you happen to walk past and op-shop and so you come home with 2 vintage sheets for projects.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

And a glorious bedspread that will be made into something wonderful as well.

Bedspread Detail

Even better you spend $12.97 and come home with no pens and you feel very pleased with yourself.

Tonight I am planning to do some more work on Master 1’s quilt although I haven’t yet bought the fabric to back it so I might get a little stuck. I also need to decide what to make Master 3 for his birthday on the weekend – do I sound disorganised? I feel it a bit!

Tonight I made 2 dinners Aromatic Rice and Goulash the boys were happy mucking about in the garden, and eating leaves in Master 1’s case, thanks to sunny day and I thought why not. Both meals don’t really require much work and now they are done.

Also today…don’t you love little people when they’ve just woken up from a day sleep and they’re all squishy looking?

Woken Up


Don’t you love playing with your food?

Edible Play

Don’t you love what shampoo can achieve?

Shampoo Shaping


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