Loving my men-folk

36/100 complete 

Today my little men were so cute. Master 3 had new socks. 

Happy Green Socks

Master 1 had a new ‘dog’ (current favourite word) top to wear. 


But best of all they were all cuddles and chummy today. Honestly sometimes they are so delicious you could just eat them (definitely not in a bad way!). 



I made a recipe my own today. I took a spicy fruit slice and made it a spicy apple and blueberry crumble slice. Husband approves, a lot. So I am basking in the glory that is the home-baker with an adoring audience. 

Spicy Blueberry and Apple Slice

Tonight I MUST finish Master 3’s birthday present. Tomorrow I make the cake. Deadlines looming. But deadlines are looming with 5 new pairs of socks for me from lovely sister which just goes to show blogging has positive kickbacks!

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