Birthday Preparations

36/ 100 complete

Tonight there is a football cake to finish and presents to wrap but my gift is made.

It is a cushion for Master almost-4’s bed. He is rather into numbers and time so I thought this might be a little treasure for his room. I designed and made it myself and I am pleased with the result. My sister suggested the hands might get floppy over time so I have put in the rows of domes.

The Clock Cushion

Master 3 chose the button at the fabric store the other day. I think he will like it.

I have started on the first installment of my mystery project but it is one of those ones that will take some time…boring I know but hey anticipation is good for us!

Tomorrow is about the party and I will also be posting about my first-ever giveaway! Stay tuned.

For my Big-Boy


5 responses

  1. Cushion looks great – see you tomorrow!

  2. It’s such a gorgeous present, I can’t believe that Sam will be 4!!!

  3. That is just so absolutely gorgeous – He will love it I am sure..

  4. Thanks all. I love your encouraging comments they make me feel special and clever!

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