May Giveaway

36/100 complete

Well here it is. A giveaway and my first ever one. This giveaway is part of a great big giveaway happening via Sew Mama Sew click on the blog tab at the top and you should find a list of all the participants.

If you are a first time visitor to my blog – WELCOME! I started this blog on Jan 1st 2010 planning to record my journey through 100 creative challenges that I am attempting this year. This is why every post starts with a number/100. You can find out more about me on the ‘about’ tab.

So I am giving away 2 hand-made needle felted brooches. They are small and I am happy to send them internationally.

2 little handmade brooches

If you like the look of these brooches and want to be in to win this is what you need to do.Write a comment including:

The number of your favourite challenge (see the ‘Challenges’ tab at the top)

The name of the person that you will give one of the brooches to. This is a pay-it-forward giveaway so you get the 2 brooches but you have to give one away. It fits with my idea of spreading the love.

That’s it. On May 20th I will randomly select one comment and tell you. If you have a blog or link I will find you there. If not come back and check and send me an email if you are the lovely winner. Then on May 24th I intrust your little parcel to Mr NZ mail and hopefully it arrives to you safe and sound!

Thanks for visiting me if you are a regular reader and commenter (I love you) or if you are just a browse around kind of person (I think you’re cool too!). I hope you enjoy my little patch in the large allotment of blogging and may all your journeys be creative and bring you to the Creator.


29 responses

  1. Hi Miriam, love your blog- I used to be at TCol with you, we were in music and I think English together! I am good friends with Rosie K-S, we taught together for a few years- she told me about your blog a while ago. love your challenges, i am a bit of a list maker too 🙂 hard to pick one but i do like number 39 looking at the clouds- my 3 year old is getting so imaginative and saying funny things so I would like to do this with her. I would give one of your gorgeous brooches to my sister who has been a star lately babysitting my girls every now and then.
    have a good week, from megan

  2. Hi there

    Great idea and I love your giveaway!!! I would give one to my Mum who has supported me massively since I had my own daughter.

    I must admit I found it hard to choose from your fantastic challenge list but I think this one is just such a lovely idea and the recipient would be truly grateful for your time 🙂

    22. Go to a retirement home and ask if there is anyone who would like to play a board game with you for an hour.


  3. Hi I love your challenges, but the cookbook one is my favourite! I’d give one to Chrissy who loves brooches!!
    deb xx

  4. Lovely idea! They are just too cute but I would give the little bird one to my Great Aunty who is more like a Grandmother to me

    I like #55 – Make all your own presents – I think that’s such a fantastic idea but also hard to achieve sometimes

  5. I love #85, I am a total button junky, and I think it’s a great idea to share the (button) love.
    I would give the brooch to my mum, because she is super awesome and now that I have kids of my own, I am aware of what a challenge it must have been being a single mum.

  6. I love challenge no 7 and may steal the idea and do it myself!!

    If I win one of your lovely brooches, I will give one of them to my friend at – her birthday is coming up soon!

  7. oh i am so happy to find your blog! i have been attempting random acts of kindness as well! my favorite recently was taking my nieces and nephew to decorate an ugly bit of street in our neighborhood. being kind is such a fun activity! i will definitely take ideas from your challenges! one that struck me today was the babysitting for no reason challenge – we have a son who never gets babysat because my husband and i don’t want to bother anyone by asking. so someone offering would be TRULY AMAZING! if i win, i’d give one of the brooches to my sweet little grandma who loves birds. also, my husband and i might be moving to auckland in february – so i really look forward to peeks of your country from following your blog. sorry for the very long comment! 🙂

  8. Hello lovely. Cute little brooches. My favourite challenge is the eating dessert one – 23. But is was hard to pick, you have so many cool challenges. I would give one of the brooches to my mum cos it is nearly her 60th birthday.

  9. My Mom, too, is crazy about pins.
    I think I’m going to win!

  10. No 35 is the one for us….a day out sorting out your friends wardrobe sounds a laugh!

    Obviously I would give a brooch to Cupcake Princess (which we can share) and I think the Queen Mother would like one too.

    It would be great to join in with your making it and giving it…we may just send you something back!

  11. i love the brooches. I would have to give one to the sweetest little girl in my life, but there’s a dilemma I don’t know which one i know she would love them both =].

    I would have to say that I like challenge 33 because that’s one of the things i would like to do.

  12. hi miriam!
    i definitely like challenge no. 93 the best! last time i looked at your challenge list you hadn’t done it yet – it must have been fun 🙂
    i would give the second brooch to whoever of my lovely GFs is the next in line for a b-day present!
    greets from vienna*

  13. Oh Number 15 have a picnic in a friends garden!! That is something my family does just for fun!!

    I would pass on one of the brooches to my fellow blogger friend Ally from Harry’s Desk!! I love her and her family and this would be right down her…ummm … Ally ? hehehe

    xo Steph

  14. Amy Seven-Stitches | Reply

    What a list! I almost stopped reading at having a cnadle lit bath, but then I saw taking a picnic ina friends garden. I’m up for that. hte other broach would go to my Mum. She’s about to turn 60 and I’m busy embroidering presents for her.

  15. Oh number 11 hands down. A hot bath in silence, by candlelight? Heck, last week, sitting in the dentist chair, I thought… Ahhh peace and silence, now this is IT! Ha! I’m sadly not joking.
    I would give the birdie pin to my almost 5-yr old daughter and the have her pick someone to give the heart to. Kind of a double pay it forward (while teaching by example the goodness of giving!) thanks!

  16. Candace Henderson | Reply

    I am a fan of the challenge you just completed! I always think about spiffing up shirts I have! I need to do it! As for the pins I would give one to my boss because she has been so super supporetive and I know she does not get the same support from those on the other side of her!

  17. Well I like No 45 – start a collection and you have started buttons. It just sounds a fun idea and in the last week I have bought some random buttons to add to my button jar.
    I would give one of the pins to my sister Sarah – seeing she linked me to your blog – and I know she would love and wear one!

  18. I like #55 – Make all your own presents – I’m trying really hard to do this one already!

    I’d give one of the brooches to Jodz!

    Please enter me in the draw and don’t forget to enter mine too!

  19. Love challenge #91 the most. In fact I do it all the time. My favorite folks to pray for are those driving fuel tankers. Such a dangerous job for a person to have in order that our homes may be heated and our vehicles get us where we need to go.

    I would love to give the heart pin to my friend Joy who I don’t see nearly enough.

  20. This is really a great idea for a blog. I may just start following you. 🙂 I started my blog with the goal of becoming an “expert crafty person.”

    I really like the pillow clock. I may just copy your idea!

    If I win your giveaway, I will likely give the other pin to my sister-in-law, Tara.

    By the way, please enter my giveaway if you’re interested. By some mistake, I wasn’t entered into the “willing to ship internationally” category … but I am willing. 😉

  21. So cute- I LOVE #36. I think I need to make one as my 4 year old loves clocks. If I won your cute pins- I would give one to the same daughter.

  22. great giveaway! thanks for the chance to win! crossing my fingers!

  23. Hum, challenge #11 sounds so impossible for me to complete !

    I I were to win, one brooch would go to Feefils, a talented blogger who has been very nice with me !

  24. What cute broaches! I liked #39. Lay on a blanket with your kids and watch the clouds. Ask the kids what they see? I’d give the heart to my son. He’s moving out this weekend and the heart would be something to remind him that I ‘m thinking of him.

  25. You have so many wonderful challenges. #5 is one of my favorites, as I love to revamp old furniture into something fresh and functional.

    I would share a pin with my good friend, Deana. She is a talented crafter, a great blogger, but most of all a dear and cherished friend.

  26. I love the little kiwi brooch, it is so cute! This challenge resonates with me, I wish my friends were crafty 46. Buy a creative book for someone in your world. Feel free to visit me, I make button jewellery

  27. Those are cute brooches! I think the bird one would be a sweet gift to one of my oldest and best friends (we’ve known each other for 26 years).

    And as a busy mum to two little ones, I LOVE challenge #11. To be able to have a calming bath on my own is a luxury.

  28. These challenges are so fun. I like #s 61, 28, 3 & 1, and one about literature that I can’t find now. 🙂 Right now #61 is my fave, but I’d like to try all of these. Thanks for sharing.

    If I won, I would share a brooch with a special lady at church who is having a new baby soon. That way she can have something sweet for herself at this tender time.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

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