Now We Are 4!

36/100 complete 

Now that we have had our party we officially think of ourself as 4 (not actually until Thursday but some technicalities aren’t worth negotiating). Our party was attended by family and god-parents. Special times. 

My Cake

The football cake worked well – thankfully Husband was available to do the field markings – like I would know! We had to substitute a giant Jaffa for the ball. I was pleased with the goals I made though – pipe cleaners and onion bag and a little stitching and there we are! 

The Cake

Tonight I have a couple of plans for friend’s who have birthdays coming up and a little snuggling with my lovely man as we think back over the last 4 years of parenting – oh what a ride! 

Maybe it is psychosomatic or perhaps it is the new haircut that he came back from Ma and Pop’s house with – but he looks bigger already. 

Playing Cake Football with 'The Godfather'

I love birthdays, I love the food and the presents but most of all I love the sense of celebrating a person because they are special. I love that we take time out once a year to celebrate a person we love – the fact that they have lived a year, that they are precious to us, the sense of sharing our lives and looking forward to an unknown future with a sense of anticipation. 



I think celebrating people is so important. People are precious and birthdays of all days should give them a sense that there are people who think they are worth having a party for. Don’t you think that maybe a lot of problems that people face might be diminished by having a group of people to shout ‘hooray you are worth celebrating’ from the sidelines of life every now and again? Of course a large slice of cake would also help too.

My Big Boy


4 responses

  1. Wow! Four years. I can’t believe it’s four years ago he was born – seems like it was just the other day and ages ago all at the same time. A big happy birthday to you Master 4!

  2. Thanks. I have a photo of your little man with my big man to send to you too.

  3. Looks like a fun day! Great effort on the cake.

  4. Great cake! And your little boy looks so cute and happy in the pictures.

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