Another Challenge Done

37/100 complete

Today I finished Challenge 20– to take a plain T-shirt and up-cycle it into something more interesting. I did this as a birthday gift for a very special friend. I tried to stay true to colours she likes and the appropriate level of frou-frou-ness. (Generally less than mine!) It was difficult to really photograph it well but this is the closest I could get.


I was pleased with the result and I think she was too. It’s a very long time since I ironed a T-Shirt, in fact it could be a first!

Finished Result

My next aim is to get some more hand sewing projects going so that when I don’t have the inclination to get the machine out I have something to work on. For now I think I’ll do some more Russian dolls to add to the ‘present box’.

T-Shirt Detail

If you are here for the first time and looking for the giveaway post it is just below. Welcome! Thanks to those of you who have posted comments on my giveaway or just visited it’s always nice to ‘have people over’.


3 responses

  1. Very pretty! I’m intrigued by your list of challenges! I’m going to have to try some of them! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. hehe you want some hand sewing??? I can’t say I love hand sewing but it is quite relaxing. And congratulations – you won my May Day Giveaway! I can’t seem to find your email though but if you send me your delivery details I will get that in the post ASAP. 😀

  3. Oh I want the suitcase! lol you can keep the fabric 🙂
    Good score though.

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