It’s been too long

38/100 complete

It feels an age since I last posted (3 days will do that to a girl!). I’m blaming it on all the excitement of turning 4!

Today I completed Challenge 48– to get a takeaway coffee for a hard-working friend. This friend is supremely dedicated and she inspires me with her passion for her job.

Master 4 had some fun on an adventure to the sensory rooms in Christchurch yesterday. We had a gaggle (love that word) of friends with us and came home for cake afterwards. I mean you never can have too many birthday cakes!

The Cake with Sweeties



Another friend had a birthday and I made her a peg pinny. Considering the amount of washing I hang out I can’t believe I haven’t made myself one yet but it’s always more of a priority to make clothes if I am sewing for myself.

Peg Pinnys

Today I totally scored! First of all I discovered I was the winner of a giveaway! Can you believe it??? As soon as it arrives I will post a pic and a link to the very cool blogger I won it from.

Then and I’m not sure I should tell you about this in case you a/get very jealous or b/go there yourself and clean them out!..I went to ‘Creative Junk’ which is a sort of shop in Christchurch with all sorts of junk BUT I got a whole big bag of fabric samples for (drumroll here) $5. Are you jealous???? One piece alone had a $129m price tag and there was about 0.5m there.

Creative Junk Stuff

I also stuffed into my bag a hessian sack, a retro crochet book for a friend, some patterns and a little tub of foam chips to do collage with the boys (so I am not totally selfish!). Yes it has been a happy day.

Then…this afternoon the mama doing the 100 challenges with me came over and someone had gone to our church with an old suitcase full of fabric for us. So I have another pile of fabric to use. Please still love me at this point and don’t be too jealous!

Anonymous Gift

Tonight I have lovely friends over to practise sign language with. I love today!

Tomorrow I will draw the giveaway so you still have time if you want to enter.

The Brothers


One response

  1. hi can i just say , i love the cake , and yes i am so jealous of all the fabric you got 🙂
    hope you have a smashing day 🙂

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