Sewing Pattern Love

38/100 complete

My 'New' Patterns

I am in the mood to sew and you can see why. Apart from the Vogue pattern top left which I purchased new at full price the others were all amongst what I picked up on the cheap at creative junk. Mmmmmm….. the simplicity patterns are both 1977 ( a good vintage if I do say so myself!) Now I just have to get the right fabrics happening.

Tonight I am preparing my brooches to fly and completing another challenge.

Then I am going to do some SERIOUS work on Master 1’s quilt. I can almost taste the finish…. and I want to cross it so I can start making some clothes!


2 responses

  1. you definitely got a bargain there , i love the look of the burda sausage dog pattern , i may have to look on ebay and see if i can find some good priced ones on there 🙂
    and i cant wait to see master 1’s quilt 🙂

  2. does that make me vintage too? 😉
    I love old patterns – I have a few (not many) and I’m starting to use them. Last night I spent a good four hours making Elijah some jeans and I used a pattern from 1972! I think they came out great. It’s a miserable old day here in Auckland so we’re staying in. Will post your goodies tomorrow when I drop Elijah at kindy 😀

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