Today I Like

40/100 complete

A fireplace that keeps us warm.


Master 1’s new quilt.

For Master 1

And a bit more of Master 1’s new quilt.


And a little bit more!

Front and Back

Two little men playing ‘eggs’.

The Eggs

The eggs hatching.

They're Hatching

I like a boy who thinks his new dress-up costume is awesome.


The way rain on the windows makes the outside look.

Rain and Our Garden

And magazines and reading and snuggling….

5 responses

  1. I love the quilt – what an awesome job – specially love the squiggly bits. Rain mmm I’m with you, snuggly days. I have just had a stressful one though – almost missed my sons trinity college exam because I had written down the wrong time. My heart has skipped a few beats today. But he did it and it all went well hooray!!! He has worked hard and is pleased it is all over. Now home chilling. Love Annette

  2. Great job on the quilt. The photo looks like a Monet!

  3. Quilt looks awesome. you are a star. Hope little egg likes it.

  4. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    love the quilts.
    I’m ready to come over tomorrow night…. is it ok to bring the sewing machine?

  5. wow the quilt is perfect , great job 🙂

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