Silence is Suspicious!

41/100 complete 

Nice Beard!

Whoever wrote ‘Silence is golden’ clearly never had an 18mth old. Master 1 is a specialist in the fine art of gross, broken, mess… So if you have OCD or similar issues it might be best not to read on. 

In the last few weeks I have discovered – following silence – some of the following scenarios 

A nappy in the toilet 

A roll of toilet paper unrolled across the floor 

Shelves removed from the pull out pantry 

The head snapped off the toilet brush and played with outside…but wait it gets worse! 

Using the toilet water for hydration purposes 

Squeezing the insides out of a banana 

Using the electric toothbrush to scrub the couch – with toothpaste on it 

And today’s offering – emptying a packet of custard powder all over the kitchen floor and then – licking, spreading and dancing in it 

A Trail to Follow!

You would think I would be more vigilant about keeping the baking cupboard locked. What can I say? I’m a slow learner! 


The thing is having all these things happen might make one think having an 18mth old is unbearable but then you stop and look at his soft little hair and you hear him laughing hysterically at almost anything and wanting to match up his ‘green cat’ with a photo he has seen of it. Then he comes and wants a kiss on something he has hurt, he hugs his brother. He gives me a kiss and he says things like ‘My, My Daddy’ and ‘Brother’ at the top of his lungs when he sees either of them. He tries to sing along with the alphabet and answer the phone and don’t even get me started on how cute he is in the bath! 

Then my lovely Master 1 comes over and says ‘Up Please’ while you are typing your blog pushes 3 things and re-programmes the whole computer! What’s not to be smitten with?? 

Last night I completed Challenge 26 – to give away something I love. The suitcase I was given fabric in last week was SO cute and lovely and both myself and the mama I am doing the challenges with really liked it but we decided instead to give it our lovely friend Deb instead. (If you click on her name you can read her awesome blog). I have another thing I want to do this challenge with too so I might have to do it twice! 

The Suitcase


Today Master 4 and I started to make thank you postcards to send. 

Thank You Postcards


I so want my boys to grow up with a sense of gratitude for all the blessings in their lives. They are beautiful, kind, well-loved boys with so much that has come to them by virtue of their country, their genes, their home environment, our prosperity (which is huge when put into a world context) … Just as so much of who I am is a result of the love, care, faith, ability, and family among other things  …which were gifted to me and are no reflection my own hard work or anything I deserve. They are just amazing privileges that I never want to take for granted or waste. 

Tonight I have friends over to craft with. Hopefully there will be something to show for it tomorrow, other than a sore jaw from too much talking. (Luckily I keep my jaw in top condition by working it out daily for a number of hours!) 

My Little Men


2 responses

  1. That was a nice post. Thank you

  2. bless , i remember the day that noisemaker number 5 emptied four bottles of talcum powder all over the bathroom floor and himself and announced it was Christmas 🙂 i couldn’t stop laughing for hours 🙂

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