Look What I Got!

41/100 complete

Okay from my title I do sound like I’m about 3 but hey don’t you love that quote ‘You might grow old but you can be immature indefinitely’!

Remember my giveaway recently? Well it was a wonderful time for me of entering other people’s giveaways too and I have to say look! I won this awesome haul from Kelly I was SO excited.

Look at the way she wrapped it? I used scissors so I could save the wrapping.


Then there was tissue

Second Layer

Then all my awesome treats – a miniature pincushion, a super cute pattern, fabric, 18 little dinosaur buttons and handmade knuckle bones. I am very spoilt. Thanks Kelly!

My Treats!

I love getting mail.

This afternoon I coffeed and crafted with my friends and I did some work on what will be another collection of soft Russian Dolls. Tonight I want to get my sewing project finished and hopefully I will have a photo of me looking amazing in it tomorrow!


One response

  1. You’re quite welcome 😉

    I love that paper too and thought it went well with the fabric bits – look forward to seeing what you end up making with both that and the Buzzy Bee fabric

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