The Calorie Connection

42/100 complete

Today I took some baking over for the neighbours after we had collected their mail for a couple of days. So I can tick off Challenge 47 . I find calories are a great connector of people. Everyone has to eat, most people like to eat – it’s a no-brainer!

Last night I had a friend over who wanted to make a patchwork blanket for a little person needing encouragement. So we talked and sewed and played around with Patchwork Placements and this is what she made. I am very proud of her!

Rachel's Patchwork

The lovely thing she said to me was that I was part of her blanket-making journey because I had inspired her to start getting more creative. Whilst this might seem an egocentric or self-praising thing to write it made me think about how important it is that we let our light shine. Sometimes simply the act of trying to be authentically who you are allows other people the room and encouragement to have a try as well. This is the gift of creative endeavour and all acts of kindness they speak to a part of others that are both unique to them and common to the human family.

I also have great delight in unveiling for your enjoyment my latest creation – thanks to my sister for verbalizing and inspiring the ‘Air Hostess’ vibe that the blazer has. (Be assured I look better in this than my dummy!)

New Jacket

I can see myself swishing about in it. I might wear it with a belt sometimes too.

Side View

Thanks to the anonymous donor from whom the pattern and fabrics came and to my button collection for my very awesome buttons. Which means this jacket cost me $2 because I had to buy interfacing. Maybe this is the alternative to the pea-green cape!

The Buttons

Today is brough to you by the letter G for Gratitude to my mama for giving me her cast iron casserole


To my sister for a foodie mag

And the letter O for op-shop last week for sheets! and a belt – I’m going to be working it in a couple of planned sewing projects…

New Old Sheets

2 responses

  1. Great jacket, nice buttons too.

  2. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    great coat!!!
    Hey I recognize that red/white material from the other night at your place…. 😉

    great to see that your hubby is home safe and sound too.

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