You Know You Are Friends When…

42/100 complete 

You are invited over and they don’t feel the need to tidy up before you come. 

You get invited for dinner on a school night. 

You get sent home with a stack of magazines to borrow. 

Some Reading Material

And a container full of cookies. 


And a ‘New-Old coat’ (which will be transformed! – so this is the before shot) 


It is very precious to have people in your life who make you welcome in their home in the midst of their family goings-on. It is precious to see other people’s ‘big’ children making your little people feel special even though they probably have other things to do. It is precious to have a 14 year-old boy carry all your things to the car with a smile on his face and able to hold a conversation with you. This is the kind of family I hope we are growing into and certainly the kind of children I hope my children will be gracious enough to be when they are bigger. 

We have a couple of families in our lives who treat us this way I am very,very grateful to them. 

Today I made Ginger cakes for welcome home gifts. 

Dark Stodgy Ginger Cake

Today I received these lovely napkins (I won another giveaway!! Can you believe it? loves me!) from the lovely Keilah I don’t have any fabric napkins and these are going to be so pretty at our table. Thanks Keilah! 

My New Napkins


Apart from a major tidy needed at our place, ugh there are so many more exciting things to do than tidy, I am having a quiet night perhaps full of borrowed magazines….


5 responses

  1. I agree, these are the kind of friendships you can depend on. I do so love ginger cake – thinking of trying to put together an upside down ginger and pear cake tonight, but I really should do some sewing…

  2. great post and so true , friends are wonderful 🙂

  3. Oh, I am so happy you like them! Great post and it is true about not cleaning the house first.
    Enjoy the napkins!

  4. seems to love me too!

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