Home or Habitat?

42/100 complete

Our beloved No.1 man has returned today after a 2.5week volunteering stint with Habitat for Humanity rebuilding after the Samoan Tsunami. We MISSED him.

Hooray You Are Home!

We have lava-lava gifts from the local families.


Master 4 enjoyed playing snap with Daddy and Master 1 ran and laughed and hugged and then ran and laughed some more.

Snap With Daddy

Tonight I have spent a bit of time labelling clothes. The last time I did this I was leaving for university tonight it is because Master 4 starts being a kindy boy tomorrow! 5 mornings a week is going to be a BIG change for us all. I am a bit trembly at the thought of entrusting my precious parcel into the hands of all those other children – be kind please! I love my big boy. He is kind and friendly and enthusiastic about life. I am trusting that all the messages he has heard and learnt from us will set him up for this new step.

Tonight I will be catching up with the man I never want to be without. And I will be doing some sewing I hope – so there might just be show and tell tomorrow.


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  1. Your husband didn’t happen to meet Dave Roughton over in Samoa did he? He’s in our Bible Study group and he just went over for a two-week stint also.

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