There Will Be Sunshine After Rain

42/100 complete


Our family holds to the belief there are song lyrics for every occasion (although we frequently debate what the actual song lyrics are for various songs). And the above suited today perfectly. Just when it felt like the sun wasn’t going to shine again until spring out it came!

Kindy was ok!

On the Mat

Today I am very inspired by The Green Bag Lady during the giveaway recently she said she would giveaway 100 fabric bags and the fabric to make another 100 if each winner was happy to use their bag instead of plastic and to make one to share the love (and the message). I love it when people live their convictions in a way that is encouraging and inspiring and dedicated rather than judgemental or harsh or critical.

So anyway…I was one of the lucky 100 and yesterday all the way from Nashville, TN I received a cool reusable bag for me and the fabric to make one for a friend.

'Green' Bags

Here they are hanging in the SUNSHINE together in our back yard. I was given the brown one and I made up the light aqua one. (I added the hearts – one needs to personalise!) So today I send big shout outs to the Bag Lady and to everyone who chooses to spend their efforts and their energy on making the world a happier  and greener place.

Autumn Tree

This afternoon Master 4 and Master 1 and I made the most of the sunshine with a ride on the tram. It was so nice to watch the last of the day riding around in beautiful Christchurch and then meeting Daddy at the end.

On The Tram


Master 4 Watching

Master 1 Watching

I have finished some more of the little Russian Dolls so they are ready and waiting for the next set of my friends who have pink flavoured babies.

Little Dolls

Tonight I am cutting out pattern pieces for what will one day be a dress. I don’t like cutting out pattern pieces but if I do them now then when I come to make the dress some of the job is done.



4 responses

  1. I am waiting for my bags to arrive in the post from the Green Bag Lady…..I’ll post what I receive.
    The bags look a good size so can be added to my growing range of bags to take out to the shops….I’ll soon have one to coordinate with every outfit!!!

    1. That is cool. I plan to fold mine up small and then I can leave it permanently in the bottom of my regular bag for those times I accidentally shop!

  2. I love the boys wathcing photos, the mat photo and the bricks photo. Lovely!

  3. The song lyrics stuck in my head. I could get the next line but had to google for the title. It’s been nice to see some sun to day though. I hope you’ve had some too.

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