Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

43/100 complete

Snuggling with Daddy

I must admit I would like to know all our neighbours a bit better but we really do live with lovely people around us. As you may recall I dropped some baking over to the neighbours recently and left it there with their post which I had been collecting.

Yesterday they showed up on our doorstep with chocolates and a card. Yay!


This weekend I haven’t been well but I have been grateful. Grateful that I have been unwell on the weekend when No.1 man is home and grateful for a comfortable bed. Unfortunately it means I missed out on 2 social engagements. This is not good when you are at the extreme end of the extrovert scale (although I’d still like to think in a nice and friendly way!). It probably meant everyone else got a word in edgewise though…

Today I have enjoyed watching Master one and a balloon.




Last night while I was in quarantine I managed to complete my ‘Bucket List’ – Challenge 62. I actually found this quite tricky I think it might be because: a) I am kind of lazy and I don’t want to think of too many things that might require some effort, b) I’m a bit of a chicken so I have no desire to throw myself out of a plane, bungy jump, or get a tattoo OR possibly it’s c) I am supremely happy with how my life is and I struggle to think of things that would make it more ‘complete’. If I’m honest I’d say it’s a combination. However, I did come up with 25 things so I have some things to aim towards (or at least think about).

My 'Bucket List'

I also have a very exciting plan in my mind for another challenge I want to complete. I daren’t say any more (I love that phrase) in case some people involved are my readers!

This afternoon I have loved this view. We’re pretty much a no TV kind of family but on Sunday afternoons it is DVD and Daddy time. I love them all snuggled together under a home-made quilt. My lovely boys.

My Boys

All 3 Together

2 responses

  1. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    Hey my lovely friend!! So sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, i hope you recover speedily!! x x x x x

  2. You haven’t crossed this challenge of the list FYI!

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