Call Me a Winner!

43/100 complete

Well here is the 4th (and final!) installment of my winnings during the giveaway. This beautiful pouch/purse arrived today all the way from Claudia in Germany. Claudia started her blog as show and tell for her sister which I think is awesome.

Lucky Me

I love it. I love the colours and the fact the fabric is called Coriander which is easily the best herb ever!

Lucky, Lucky Me!

I need to get another challenge done tonight and I want to make some more dents into some sewing projects. I feel I’ve let the creativity slide somewhat recently plus my lovely sister just gave me this awesome fabric and I have some thoughts!

My New Fabric

Today I also enjoyed pictures of my little felt giveaway brooches on Kate’s blog. Her little girl Rosemary is so cute modelling one of them.

3 responses

  1. Man your sister must be so cool!

  2. Hehe, thats a great bag. Let’s not forget basil though. A very tasty herb also.

  3. Juggling Motherhood | Reply

    I love that fabric on that bag!
    It’s seems you were unwell too…I hope that we get our illnesses over and done with now, and that we won’t have any for the rest of winter! *fingers crossed!*

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