Looking for Balance

44/100 complete

I sent a photo and a letter to a family member so that is Challenge 40 done.

Today we had a beautiful celebration for a friend’s baby dedication. More and more I’m really digging little people. For a long time I sort of thought I’d rather have my kids at 8 or 9 (this was before kids) but since I’ve had my own I’ve started to cherish the insanity that is small people, their perspective, their freshness and the fact that if you make eye contact and really talk to them they TOTALLY love you. I’m in for any adoration I can get!

A Party Table

Lately I’ve felt I’m doing a bit of a juggling act. I have a lot going on – I’m running a parenting course, I’m running 2 music and movement groups, I’m a ‘new’ kindy mum, and, and, and … but it’s not these things that make me feel out of kilter. I’m used to being busy, I love it. I achieve a lot more when I’m busy, I feel better about life.

I think the loss of the little one I mentioned the other day is really affecting me and I’m struggling because I don’t feel like I’ve had time to stop from the busyness and connect with it. I have another busy week but on Tuesday I go to the funeral which I know will be heart-wrenching. I hope Tuesday gives me time to connect with the grief that is swimming around a bit.

This week I want to create. Creating tells me there IS space in my life for me to connect, to breathe, to pause.

I have been baking.

Sophie's Incredible Brownies

Master 1 has been helping.

Mama's Little Helper

But I want to sew…. and I want to connect with some people without thinking about what I need to do, or should be doing, or who I need to talk to. I want to give and receive undivided attention. I’ll start with my little ones.

Today somebody noticed, noticed I wasn’t me and I got a package of loveliness left on my back doorstep. Being noticed is very precious.

Notice someone today. Make eye contact with someone today and don’t think of other things while you listen. People count.



4 responses

  1. Mmmm fudge! And that is a great shot of Will.

  2. We notice you and love you lots. Thanks for a fun evening and thanks for the invisible zip tutorial!

  3. Hey you. Hope this week goes better for you and you have time to be still. Will be thinking of you xx

  4. We do notice and love you. My mum who can’t remember names, said “I met a nice lady at lunch yesterday, I can’t remember her name but she had a bright blue jacket on” lol that’s my Miriam! I totally get the feeling of being left behind in a busy life, I hope you get some time this week.
    deb xx

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