Loathe It/ Love It?

Is there any person who can maintain inner calm while their computer takes half and hour to load a page?? I love the computer it brings me emails and comments on my blog but sometimes it brings out the barely disguised ranting-diva in me!

Now that I have that out there I also have some show and tell!

My New Dress

My project in a basket using one of the vintage patterns I picked up recently.

Dress Detail

I think it looks even better on me but it’s harder to photograph that way.

In a spare 20 minutes I had today… well in a 20 minutes I had when I chose not to tidy! I whipped up some envelopes for the hallelujah draw. (This is the draw you go to when you are searching for sellotape, scissors, string, crumbs…. and when you find what you want you have a hallelujah moment.) I used a magazine I was about to send to the recycling. Now I have some very easy, free envelopes that will liven up someone’s mail box.


Very easy I know but it means I did something today.


One response

  1. Dress looks very cute – well done!

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