In Anticipation…

45/100 complete

6 people have mystery envelopes on their fridges and they are waiting until 3pm tomorrow when they open them and find out what I have planned for them.

I love, love, love surprises…. I love anticipating good things it’s one of the reasons I hate to miss a phone call – what if someone is ringing me to tell me some fantastic news? Yes this is the kind of optimist I am. Every time my phone rings or I see an envelope poking out of my letter box I think ‘that will probably be something exciting’. Although inevitably most of the time it isn’t I still feel like this. I live my life anticipating something exciting is about to happen. I guess I probably wouldn’t have been great friends with Boober Fraggle (if you even know who that is!).

So today my house has been filled with the smell of good things baking and if you check back here tomorrow you’ll know all about it…. so now you can anticipate finding out about something exciting!

Oh and I completed Challenge 82– to send a letter to an older family member so they know I’m thinking of them. I’m ashamed to say I don’t do this nearly enough.

Master 1

Tonight to a chorus of ‘cheese’ 2 little men took their own self portraits! Digital cameras are the best when you have little people although mine sometimes want to see the picture before I’ve taken it.

Master 4

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