And We Had ‘Tea’


46/100 complete

Today I completed Challenge 38 in very enjoyable style.

6 friends got an envelope which they could not open until 3 pm and when they did it had instructions (have copied it below in case you’re interested).

When they arrived here we ate food

Scones With Jam and Cream

Drank tea

I Love My Teacups

and did what girls do – talked, laughed….

I like having a life that is truly rich with friends. I have beautiful, talented, inspiring and loving friends.

Tea for 7

I am blessed.

The Treasure Hunt:

Welcome Lovely to My Treasure Hunt for Treasured Friends.

Please start by reading the rules carefully! No responsibility is taken for people who do not read them properly!

  1. You may not spend any of your own money during this hunt.
  2. You may or may not spend the $5 included in this envelope – up to you.
  3. Creative thinking will be rewarded.
  4. Have fun – if you stop having fun you are doing it wrong!
  5. If you have not finished the hunt by 4pm abandon it and head straight to my place – anyway. 

Ok – now here are the instructions. The Hunt is On!

  1. Put on something that makes you feel pretty or that you think is pretty if your self-image doesn’t stretch to pretty. This can be as simple as lip gloss or as exciting as a ball gown.
  2. Now that you are ‘in the mood’ turn this piece of paper over and read the colour on the back. This is your colour theme – try and link all your ‘treasures’ in to this theme. Again creative thinking or reasoning is encouraged!
  3. Collect the following 10 items. You can get them from anywhere you like but you must not spend anymore than your $5 allocation. Remember your colour:
    1. Something Chocolate
    2. Something tiny
    3. A button
    4. Something natural
    5. A quote or saying
    6. An image that makes you feel happy
    7. Something soft
    8. Something you think someone else would like & you don’t want
    9. Something spiritual
    10. Something that reminds you of me! (Of course you knew this would all be about me!)

At least 1 of these items MUST come from somewhere other than your place.

Take your items and your self to my house. Be ready to present your choices and have an empty tummy.

See you soon!

6 responses

  1. wow! what a cool idea! so exciting! did anyone show up in a ball gown?

  2. Ok I am seriously jealous! I wanted to have scones and tea and I could have found all those things – Gosh how wonderful – I am sure all your invitees had a memorable time. I did too though – I took my three wonderful kids to world wide knit in public day at the art gallery – I knitted a cushion cover, Heather and Logan french knitted and Campbell… read of course! We had a lovely time. Husband away this weekend and we are having mummy and children weekend. Tomorrow we plan to do crafty things, read and maybe go for a walk if we feel like it. I’m glad to read of your wonderful day. Might just nab the idea and do it myself. Thanks for the inspiration. Love and hugs Annette

  3. Sounds like you all had a lovely afternoon – such a great idea!

  4. That sounds like lots of fun and looks absolutely delicious!

  5. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    oh now that is just a megga cool idea!
    I would have loved to come but I know it was not the right timing for me. I was wondering what you were up to with that email.

    Maybe next time? Or maybe I could do one too. lol you may have started up a trend here.

  6. hey there lovely – what a fantastic imagination you have! pics look lovely and very girlie… like annette i am sad i missed it! – we had a fab time at the lyttelton swap o rama rama tho and great to learn how to screenprint!
    look forward to catching up…x0x0x0 justine

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