Working Together

48/100 complete

Today I completed 2 challenges in 1! Challenge 70 required I make a piece of wall art and Challenge 57 that I find an idea on-line and try one for myself. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve also started reading blogs and there are many creative people doing amazing things. I saw a similar idea to what I have done on the Red Gingham blog and felt very covetous.

There is a lot of action in my house, a lot of talking (and not all me) and a lot of imagination but not a lot of art so when Master 4 penned this ‘Octopus in the Shower’ it was love at first sight.

Trace It

Today I traced  (using the good old-fashioned stick it on the window method) the octopus onto black calico using a pencil. Then I asked Master 4 to choose colours from my embroidery thread box and stitched the picture in these.

Check For Accuracy


Checking the Finishing

It is now hanging in the kitchen to inspire me and make me smile.

In Situ

Master 4 thinks it will end up in his room – I plan to win! I love it. I thought the circles around the long leg were the shower but these are apparently his sore knee. Master 4 has decided he is the octopus in the shower!


4 responses

  1. Delightful picture. Glad to see master 4 is finally finding his mojo for art!

  2. Very cute. What a great idea.

  3. Oh that looks so sweet! Doesn’t it make them feel so special and artistic? Thanks for linking to Katie’s drawing.

  4. Oh, Miriam, I have just loved reading your blog over the last couple of weeks. It is in my favourites and check it regularly mow as it makes me feel happy and also remember the good old London and TIS days with you guys.
    Glad I found your blog again, sorry I’ve been sooooooooo slack in keeping in touch.

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