Food Glorious Food!

49/100 complete 

Finger Puppet 1


Last night my best friend and I completed Challenge 29 – well he didn’t but I did. Grandma and Granddad gave us a night off and we went to the gorgeous ‘Simo’s’ here in Christchurch. The food was outstanding but I decided it was time to do the most unusual thing on the menu. So instead of going for the chocolate torte for dessert I chose ‘Chocolate Stuffed Figs with Rose Petal Ice-Cream and Candied Peel’. I love dried figs but not fresh ones so I was hoping… The dessert looked gorgeous I wish I had my camera. It was absolutely delicious and the figs were dried. 

Yesterday was coffee and crafting so I whipped up a couple of finger puppets and an ugly monster for the present box. 

Mr Ugly


I might keep the finger puppets in my bag for queue emergencies! 

Finger Puppet


Today I’ve baked for some beautiful people in our lives who need fattening up! 

Oaty Chocolate Chip Cookies


I love the gift of food especially the home-made variety. 

Home Baking


One response

  1. Love the monster one! Thanks for the note on the muesli. I love those homemade bars. Maybe we will have to pinch your recipe?

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