Too Busy?

49/100 complete

Today is a catch up post! Lately I’ve had some lovely things happen to me and I haven’t even stopped to say thanks. Am I too busy?

Maybe just a touch!

Last week or maybe even before that my lovely friend Esther made us dinner – a gorgeous lasagna that was way better than anything I’ve ever produced. And she looked after my little people so I could go to a funeral and she wrote me a beautiful card in a beautiful card!

Then on the weekend my mama got me a bag of bright coloured throw-outs for my collection.

Lots of Fun Here

And yesterday I got a card and buttons from my forever-friend Bec.

So Perfect!

And all the dishes Grandma did during her visit, and Gma and Gdad taking us out for tea and loving our boys.

You see I am truly rich in friendship.

Tomorrow Master 4 goes to the orchestra with his Aunty and ‘Uncle’ who are the perfect kind of people to attend an orchestra event with – he is excited.

Tonight I am really hoping to make some progress on my sewing project.


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  1. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    ahhh!! Forever friend for sure!! x x x x

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