Sunny Winter Days

50/100 complete

Winter Morning

Today I completed Challenge 91 – which means I am HALFWAY! Wow.

Some people do a wordless post every week, that is highly unlikely to happen in this blog but today I am going to fill my post with things that have made me smile over the last 2 days.

These are the views of Christchurch and Lyttleton from the top of the Gondola

The Southern Alps and Christchurch


Harbour Views


Still Water

My new jacket – needs pressing, hate pressing

Jacket Top

Front View

Fabric Detail

jumping on the tramp with a friend

Jumping and Flying

Tramp Football

And sunny days are perfect for taking a kindy trip with Daddy to ‘Clip and Climb’


Up, Up, Up



3 responses

  1. Great photos of the city. Sam was having so much fun with the balls on the tramp! And, are adults allowed to go on the Clip and Climb? That looks fun!

  2. What a neat climbing wall! It’s like he’s trapped in a Tetris world!

  3. Looks like great fun with Dad! And I see a quilt idea or two in these pics!

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