I May Have Shopped

51/100 complete

They Grow Facial Hair so Early These Days!

Today I accidentally shopped. Apart from fabric, which I admit I buy a lot of, I don’t really shop for myself much. But I don’t have great control when it comes to sparkly shoes,

or 50% off shoes

so now I have 3 new pairs!

Wardrobe Updated

Oops but at 50% off all of them I got 3 pairs of shoes for less than NZ $30. That’s not too bad is it?

I did make a banana and blueberry syrup cake with our left over bananas so I have displayed some virtue today.

Blueberry Syrup Quality Control


3 responses

  1. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    You are FABULOUS! I love your new shoes too, what a bargain!! x x x

  2. godzoned (Debbie) | Reply

    Just caught up with your blog. Great yummy creations and non eating creations there!
    Hey finally opened my Felt shop under the name DebrArty. I have 3 hand bags in it. Will probably make a few other things later when I have time.

  3. Can I please have these two photos emailed to me large? I love them. Fanks.

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